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As a community counseling center, Interwoven offers general psychological services, including individual and family therapy and psychological evaluations. We are committed to providing affordable, accessible, high quality mental health services for under-served and less privileged communities city wide.

​Interwoven is also the home of the well-regarded Forensic Center. Forensic psychology is where psychology and the legal system meet. For example, The Forensic Center serves individuals and families who are legally involved and court-ordered to seek psychological services.

​The Outpatient Fitness-to-Stand-Trial Restoration Program is a unique psychological service funded by a multi-year $1.4 million grant from the Illinois Department of Human Services. This program provides mental health services on an outpatient basis for persons found incompetent to stand trail due to a serious mental illness, cognitive impairment, or both. The program’s goal to to support participants to become competent to stand trail by understanding the court process and being able to participate in their own defense.

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