Meet The Team

Michael Russell

Michael Russell, MSW, MA, LCSW
Executive Director

Ana Belmonte, PsyD, Director of Assessment & Research and Associate Director, Outpatient Fitness Restoration

Casey Sharpe

Casey Sharpe, PsyD, Clinical Director, Outpatient Fitness to Stand Trial Program & Associate Professor, Forensic Department

Melissa Jajko

Melissa Jajko, PsyD
Clinical Director

Megan Smith

Megan Smith, MA, LCPC
Director of Intake & Counselor

Morgan Perconti

Morgan Perconti, PsyD
Post-Doctoral Intern

Gabriela Serrano Headshot

Gabriela Serrano, BA Psychology
Intake Coordinator

How does therapy help?

Psychotherapy helps people understand that they can do something to improve their situation. That leads to changes that enhance healthy behavior, whether it’s improving relationships, expressing emotions better, doing better at work or school, or thinking more positively. – The American Psychology Association